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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project 52 days -inspired by Nehemiah

A few weeks ago , we talked about How important dreams and visions in our life and we listed down
some of our dream... 

A challenge to our own comfort zone and a revival for our soul , I appreciate all the bro and sis that has committed themselves in serving and growing their faith and love for God ...

Here are the lists ( from 15 Aug till 7 Oct ) , whoever know us , do pray for us that God can deliver
victory over our desire to step up our faith !

Here goes ...

Michelle Kee - bear fruits within 52 days , some of the friends that I am reaching can come to church
                     (Jie Li,Lisa ,Fong Chun,Mrs Wong,Chien Wong,Mrs Tan,Mrs Heng,Moon,)
                     - Friend's children , i can invite them to come to join our children English class on Saturday.
                     - Single sister over night prayer can be fruitful , can have open person wish to study the bible
Mike Loo - within 52 days  write 10 cards to encourage Bro / Sis.

Gary Cheong - within 52 days , every week send 3 messages to encourage Bro / Sis
Edwin - within 52 days , write cards to encourage all SINGLE bro / sis
Tien Long - within 52 days , bring someone to church and make myself more
              opportunity to reach out!
Eric Lee - within 52 days , on every weeks , spend time with a brother to do QT together.
Victor - within 52 days , let me organize a bible talk in my home or church and
              write 2 cards to encourage  someone
Catherine Ho - within 52 days , share my good news in my blog at least once a week
      and every week  encourage at least 3 bro / sis.
Lee Yen - within 52 days , build a worship ministry with spiritual and sincerity to lead.

more to come ...

updated : 2010/08/31

Erica Chew - write cards to encourage someone every two week , Pray from 5:30 to 6am every friday.
Alice Ong - Reach out to neighbour & try inviting them to church within this 52 days...
Selene - Bring 1 person , write cards to 10 person , try to help Hope WW to find people. within this
      52 days.
Auntie Leong - bring my grand children , SiMeng and Joey to come to attend/join the english class
YaSiang- Pray for Ah hong and wish to invite him to come to church
Pauline - To write encouragement cards to at least 5 bro/sis every week
Sandy - To write cards to encourage 2 person a week and pray for the lost.
MeiFong - Pray with Sister around my area once a week
Jessica - Bring 1-2 children to english class / friends to church
LeeYong - Fast Coffee once a week
Audrey - bring 1 friend to church
Pris - write 5 cards and bring 1 friend
Lee San - Pray for the church to grow daily @ 10pm
Kyee Nee - write card to all married couples , arrange 2 dating with 2 couples , invite 1 friend for
    sunday service
Pei Ting - Pray for the brothers.
Lee Yen - Help Song ministry to build a team that lead with sincere faith .
Jessie - Write cards to all JBCF x'tians.
YeongLiSan - Invite 2 friends to Church.

just as Ezra 3:8 ...The work force was made up of everyone who had returned from exile,
where God has stirred their hearts ,
may God  will also stir all our hearts to build a growing church to glorify his name !


B|ade said...

Wow! What an inspiring post!
So glad I found this blog via facebook! :)

Anyway, here is my dream ..

Within 52 days - launch my online business so Angeline don't have to work ever again.. and she can spend more time with Nathan.

Then, the next 52 days later, get enough income to move to a new house. Please keep us in your prayers! Thanks! <3 Dennon & Angeline + lil' Nathan

PS: You can find lots of pictures of Nathan @

a_cat13 said...

Only do not give up the dream, we have the forward momentum.

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