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Friday, July 23, 2010

How important dream means to us ?

Eric , Psalm 126 , dream can inspire me with hope no matter how much tears ...

Chew Keng @Root ,dream and hope help me to smile to face my day !

Victor @nagayong , dream helps me to grow and be firm with God !

Choon Hiang ,有梦想我才能够预备好自己去面对神.

Mei Fong @Kimberley , 对神的信心是我梦想的泉源;而梦想是我的推动力.

Yu Fong @Sunlitseagull , 海鸥飞的高看得远,因她心存梦想有目标就有方向...

Michael Loo ,有梦想就有方向; 有梦想就有盼望;神就是我的希望.

lyenleo :会作的人,才会要实现它!.这就是梦想!

Cat@Catherine:  梦想使我在低落的时候,仍然坚持,仍然不放弃!

Jessie : Dream keep me fight on !

LiSan : Without dream men shall perish !

Jessica : 梦想是启发生命的源点, 使我在信心和行为上得到肯定.

Huey Sim:  Proverb 29 :18 , 没 冇 异 象  , 民 就 放 肆 ; 惟 遵 守 律 法 的 , 便 为 冇 福 .

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