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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What kind of help we have ?

Sometimes we look into internet , google out the help we need , the knowledge the we lack and seems these days , people are getting more proud of what things they can achieve but the true is when it comes to life crisis , when it comes to life and death , when it comes to what is the meaning and purposes of life , we can find all the answers but the solutions is only in God ... 

... Isa 22:11  Between the city walls, you build a reservoir for water from the old pool. But all your feverish plans are to no avail because you never ask God for help. He is the one who planned this long ago.

Psa 60:11 
    Oh, please help us against our enemies,
       for all human help is useless.
Psa 60:12 
    With God's help we will do mighty things,
       for he will trample down our foes.

Do not blame others for your own sins.

Some times we are so good in making excuses for ourselves  when we fallen into sins , the bible clearly denied that it is not true , 

14 但各人被试探,乃是被自己的私欲牵引诱惑的。 15 私欲既怀了胎,就生出罪来;罪既长成,就生出死来。

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