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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In today , modern context ...

When i was reading the book of Nehemiah , Chapter 13 , it mentioned not everybody can enter into the temple court and Nehemiah even used Solomon as an example that because he compromised the standard of God , that has caused him to sin ... in our churches as we embraces the world how much convictions or will we react if we know that we have compromised God's standard ?

Nehemiah reacted as mentioned in V8 - V9 , restore everyone responsibilities , put trustworthy people in charge , along his responses and execution of his followup after the completion of the wall in 52 days , the bible mentioned that he continue pray , and he confronted the leaders who did not follow God's commands (V19), then he further noticed about working on Sabbath day and enforced the loosen expectation ...

then Nehemiah continues his follow up in inter-marriage among themselves and making sure that levites and priests doing God's will and in fact he go into expecting people bringing their offering on time...

Everything that Nehemiah did , served as a reminder for us whether we are leaders or non leaders today, THE MODERN CONTEXT that as a person who are not working as a full time minister that ...

when it comes to sunday service , church commitment most importantly God's standard, are we absolutely have convictions, having totally clear conscious that we do not compromise and give valid excuses to ourselves and to the people that we leading ?

it challenged me as well as inspired me to lead JBCF to start our mini 52 days spiritual dream revival project from 15/Aug to  7/Oct , for myself , my goal is to get everyone in JBCF to start our spiritual dream again.
And for myself , it will be a daily praying for the goal to be able to achieve !

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